Sculpt e-Learning for Children with Disabilities by GiftAbled.

Why Sculpt

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According to the 2019 "State of the Education Report for India, there are 78,64,636 CwD, that is 1.7% of the total child population. It is also estimated that Children with Learning Disabilities account for around 28% in every classroom with large learning gaps.

Sculpt aims to bridge these learning gaps and enable Children with Disabilities to be integrated in the mainstream learning ecosystem.

We are aligned to the National Education Policy 2020!

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Sculpt respects the different pace of development of all children and ensures that the child learns at his or her own pace.

Please refer to the Alternate Teaching Techniques before you access the Sculpt Modules. Use these techniques if the child is unable to learn by the methods used in the learning content.


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Online assessments to determine a child's specific learning strengths and needs, and to provide appropriate learning content. Learning modules are accessible after completion of the assessments.

Assessments in 8 regional languages will be available soon.


Learning Resources

Foundational and complementing learning modules for children between 3 and 11 years.

Empowering Stakeholders

Empowering Stakeholders

Empower parents, teachers and anganwadi workers through training and counselling.



Teaching concepts through simple pedagogy aids in Children with Disabilities learn better.

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Accessibility of every topic in 9 languages thereby provisioning a “personal” teacher for children.

Online Teacher & Parent Training

Online Teacher & Parent Training

Online training, handholding and counselling to use the learning modules at home or at schools.

CSR Grants: Company CSR can take up the project of creating awareness among 1000, where they can cover all the aspects of education from perspective of children with disability.

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